Flo Joly Delotbiniere, Vroedvrouw, Kraamverzorgster en IPT Practitioner

Na het volgen van de IPT opleiding heeft Flo in juni de dappere stap gezet om van Londen naar Nederland te verhuizen. In de tijd dat zij de Nederlandse taal onder de knie aan het krijgen is werkt zij als IPT- Practitioner bij ons.

Hello, I am a midwife and an IPT practitioner. I used to work in the UK as an NHS midwife. While I have some beautiful memories and moments of pure joy, I have often felt that we have failed the women in our care; not giving them all the information they need during pregnancy to make informed decisions, women often seeing a different caregiver at each appointment, women not receiving enough postpartum support, and so on. It can be exhausting and painful to experience on a daily basis.

Training as an IPT practitioner has given me the tools and experience to understand women and their needs more, for example those who have experienced vulvodynia (vaginismus), sexual or birth trauma, pelvic floor and continence issues. It has empowered me to be more “with woman” again, creating rapport and trust with them, to help give women the best possible birth experience.

I have a real passion for IPT and a desire for it to be a part of all women’s journey because of the power it has to bring you back into alignment through heart, body, and mind. This pelvic therapy is the gateway to women embodying their feminine power, healing deep wounds and trauma, and living a more connected, balanced and pleasurable life.

My clients often describe feeling “seen, softness, relaxation, restoration, strengthened, released, self-gratitude/love, openness, energised”, after just one session.